Trish Langley

Trish first came to her mat in 2007 with a desire to let go of a sedentary, passionless life. Trish assumed she would only experience the physical benefits of the practice, but she also began to experience a calmer mind. With that calm mind, and new fit body she developed a new perspective on life, filled with passion and inspiration.

Trish completed the Moksha Teacher Tranining in 2011 and is currently working on completing her Diploma in HEP Psychotherapy.

Trish supports students by creating a safe, supportive and inviting environment for everyone who walks through the doors of Moksha Yoga North York. With this support students are given a space to really connect with their inner selves through breath and movement. Trish believes that when we practice really listening to our true selves, we get closer to the light that shines within each of us.

Calm mind. Fit Body. Inspired Life.