SÅANA method online – foundations (200 hr)

Build the confidence to teach anywhere in the world. Learn to sequence unique classes that are both creative and smart. 


The SÅANA method online – foundations program  is designed to build your knowledge, teaching experience, and personal practice. Training will prepare you to teach SAANA’s signature classes – classic & flow – and challenge you to build off those class structures to explore movement and sequencing. From there, you’ll be able to harness your new-found knowledge and confidence to take your teaching anywhere.    

Our online trainings are designed for those looking for the flexibility to design their studies around their own schedules. Training will equip you with the tools needed to sequence intelligently and creatively – and to teach and support your students effectively.  

After the completion of SÅANA method online – foundations,  you will receive your 200-hour YTT certification.
SÅANA method online foundations & SÅANA method blended foundations consist of the same curriculum content, offered in different formats

“The online format is not only accessible while working full time, it is an in depth learning experience. We were taught how to think, how to be, and how to find our own voice.
The team is available, compassionate and intelligent. I highly recommend this training” 

– 2020 SÅANA Method Online Graduate


SÅANA method online – foundations:   APPLICATIONS OPEN


SÅANA online takes the foundations of your personal practice – and combines it with workshops, self-reflection, & self-guided online study,  – to create an integrated online-studio, accessible at any time for our students.  

The online-studio and self-guided ‘at-home’ format allows for more student choice and opportunities to self-pace online learning. It’s our belief that this freedom and encouragement towards self inquiry keeps students engaged with their own learning.

When you sign up for SÅANA method online, we will cover:

  • The foundations of Yoga, including philosophy, history, and traditional asana’s 
  • Anatomy, movement assessment, & posture analysis concepts and movement assessment 
  • The art of teaching – finding your voice and leading others through movement 
  • Explore and practice creative & intelligent sequencing  
  • The structure and method for teaching a vinyasa classes –  and develop the tools to design a unique class built off a base sequence 


We offer sliding sclae tuition options – it’s the least we can do to make our training programs as accessible as possible.

We ask that applicants consider their finanical status and select the tuition rate that balances their financial needs and the knowledge & experience they will receive from training.



$2400 | supporter rate

Payment Plans available

community rate 

promocode to use at checkout: community

NO QUESTIONS ASKED community rate. This has been a hard year. My work status has changed and I have not been able to secure regular employment. I frequently worry about meeting my basic needs.

*tuition costs are subject to HST
If tuition costs remains inaccessible at this time, please email [email protected] for payment plan options
Scholarship Applications are now closed.

SÅANA reserves a minimum of one
 scholarship spot for students who identify as BIPOC/LGBTQIA for all training programs.



SÅANA method online-foundations trainings run over two 10-weeks periods. You will have 6 months to complete the course.
Each training week will include the following: 

  • Pre-recorded video workshops which can be watched at your own convenience. All 5 workshops will be posted at the start of every week so you have the freedom to watch them when you’re free. Do 1 each day – or all together at one time. 
  • Weekly self-guided study and reflection based on weekly workshops and readings 

Trainees should budget approximately 15 hours/week to course work and personal practice. 




How much time should I expect to set aside for training each week?

SÅANA online training consists of online lectures, workshops,  practice teaching, self-guided online study, and online yoga classes. You will be able to complete the majority of these components on your own schedule – budget approximately 15 hours/week for your course work.

Are there pre-requisites for SÅANA Online Method Trainings?

For Level 1 – there is no pre-requisite. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply. The level 1 training is designed for students looking to start their teaching journey – or simply to develop a deeper understanding of their own practice. No previous training or teaching experience required.

For Level 1 – Yes,  applicants must have either:

  • Completed (and graduated) from the SÅANA method online level 1 training. Or,
  • Graduated a previous 200-hr YTT program and who are looking to continue their movement education and develop their understanding of posture assessment and sequencing.

Do I get to teach at SAANA After this training?

Level 1 is the first step towards your teaching journey. Combined, Levels 1&2 account for a traditional 200-hour YTT. Once you have completed levels 1 & 2,  you will be able to set up an audition class with your home studio. Completing your training does not automatically guarantee you a teaching spot at your studio.

I don’t want to teach yoga – but I’m really interested in learning more about my practice. Can I take this course?

Yes! The information and experience gained from this training is a great opportunity to expand your own knowledge and deepen your practice!

How does the SÅANA method online line up with your in-studio trainings?

The information you receive in our online trainings and blended trainings are the same. Each will equip you with the tools needed to sequence intelligently and creatively – and to teach and support your students effectively. Our online trainings are designed for those looking for the flexibility to design their studies around their own schedules (especially great if you’re not based in the GTA).

Apply For SÅANA method online-foundations

For training inquiries contact t[email protected]

To graduate, you must attend all training days and pass the final exam. Graduation does not automatically guarantee you a teaching position at SÅANA.

All SÅANA teacher training program payments & deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Up to 14-days before training start date, in the case of an emergency (accompanying documentation required), a refund of 50% of the total training tuition, less the deposit, can be issued. Or, students can take a full credit to be applied towards a future training. 




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