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You have something to teach that no one else can offer. The SÅANA Method Online is a virtual yoga teacher training designed to give you a deep understanding of our signature approach to yoga and the collective wisdom of yogic tradition so that you can actualize your full potential as a teacher and practitioner of movement. 

Our teachers all bring their own experience and spirit to class, while staying rooted in SÅANA’s founding principles. This commitment to SÅANA’s core beliefs and equal commitment to the self is what we hope to spark in you.





The SÅANA method online is offered in three levels – designed to build your knowledge, teaching experience, and personal practice. Each level will prepare you to teach SAANA’s signature classes: L1 – Classic | L 2 – Flow | L3 – Free Flow.  

You have the choice to complete each level at your own pace – either online or through our blended in-studio programs. Once you complete the SÅANA method, you will be qualified to teach yoga in your own authentic and unique way anywhere in the world. 

The SÅANA method trainings are designed so that you can: 

  • Foster connections between information, ideas, and each other,
  • Cultivate a community of practice,
  • Build confidence as an instructor, and 
  • Tap into your unique creative energy 

Level 1: Inquire

Level 1 introduces students to the foundations of Yoga, its philosophy, history, and traditional asana’s. Level 1 presents the SÅANA method as the first steps to building your toolkit for teaching movement. 

Level 1 guides trainees through the format and structure of a SÅANA classic class – while teaching the skills and critical thinking required to personalize instruction and class direction based on the needs of your room.  As the introduction to teaching for many of our students – this level includes lots of practice teaching.  

Workshops include: Introduction to Anatomy, Asana Breakdown, The Art of Teaching, Blocks & Assists, Sequencing, Practice Teaching, and History & Philosophy. 

– – – – –

Level 2: Explore

Level 2 builds on the basics and introduces students to advanced practices and how to teach them. This includes: pranayama, meditation, and inversions, plus a specific deep dive into intelligent and creative sequencing.

Level 2 guides trainees through the format of a SÅANA Flow class – with a strong focus on sequencing and supporting students towards success in their movements. Practice teaching is a focus in level 2, where trainees will receive personalized feedback on their own sequences, teaching language, and class management. 

Workshops include: Deep dive into Anatomy (functional movement & core), Blocks & hands-on-assists, History & Philosophy, and Sequencing to theme & Peak Pose.  

– – – – –

Level 3: Create

Level 3 offers the freedom to explore movement and combine traditional yogic practices with a variety of movement modalities and inspirations. Level 3 continues to build on concepts covered in Levels 1 & 2, while encouraging critical thinking and creativity in sequencing, teaching, and personal practice. Trainees will have the freedom to explore their specific areas of interest within the movement world – while getting support and guidance from senior SÅANA faculty.  

Level 3 guides trainees through the how-to’s of sequencing and teaching without a set structure with a focus on critical thinking of the body and movement and intelligent consideration for student needs. At the end of this level you will be prepared to teach SAANA Free Flow class. You will also have graduated the SAANA Method! 

Workshops include: Anatomy in motion, Core deep-dive, Teaching Inversions, exploration of broader movement modalities – and how to incorporate into class sequences.  





SÅANA method online: Level 1

Current Session dates: July 13 – August 16, 2020  (applications closed)

SÅANA online takes the foundations of your personal practice – and combines it with workshops, group discussions, self-reflection, self-guided online study, and lots of teaching practice teaching – to create an integrated online-studio, accessible at any time for our students.  

The online-studio and self-guided ‘at-home’ format allows for more student choice and opportunities to self-pace online learning. It’s our belief that this freedom and encouragement towards self inquiry keeps students engaged with their own learning.

When you sign up for SÅANA Foundations Online Level 1 training, you will receive: 

  • Live online instruction and training – led by senior SÅANA faculty- through course workshops, discussions, and practice teaching. Personalized feedback on technique, approach, tone & language.  
  • Unlimited access to online student portal for interactive discussion, resource sharing, and student collaboration 
  • Weekly online discussions, practice teaching breakout groups, and live classes with SÅANA Faculty 
  • introduction to SÅANA classic class format and teaching technique 
  • detailed breakdown of poses, sequencing, and rhythm 
  • unlimited access to SÅANA virtual studio throughout training dates 

After graduation of Level 1 training, levels 2 & 3 can be taken either online (Dates TBD), or through one of the blended training offered in-studio. The choice is yours. 


Jacqueline DiRenzo

Jenny Lee 

Parisa Samet

Jackie Szabo

Amy Wilford




regular training rate


20% discounted covid-relief rate available for 2020 session.
Price in CAD +tax


Scholarship applications are closed. Applicants will be contacted on Friday June 5th.



SÅANA method’s level 1 online training runs over 5 weeks & weekends.
Each training week will include the following:

  • 5  pre-recorded 1-hour workshops which can be watched at your own convenience. All 5 workshops will be posted at the start of every week so you have the freedom to watch them when you’re free. Do 1 each day – or all together at one time.
  • 1 live online discussions (via zoom) where we will gather to answer any questions that came up from the weeks workshops and projects.  Calls will be recorded if you need to miss a week.
  • 1 small-group breakout session to review workshops concepts, sequencing & teaching practice, and anatomy breakdowns. Breakout group work is done live – and scheduled by your group members to find a time that best suits the team.
  • 1 full-group practice teaching session (via zoom). These sessions are done live – timing will vary per week to best accommodate schedules
  • 1 – live weekly class hosted by SÅANA method faculty, so that we can practice together.
    (You will also be expected to take an additional 3 classes each week via the SAANA virtual studio.)
  • Weekly self-guided study and reflection based on weekly workshops and readings

Trainees should budget approximately 16 – 18 hours/week to course work and personal practice.




How much time should I expect to set aside for training each week?

SÅANA online training consists of online lectures, workshops, group work, practice teaching, self-guided online study, and online yoga classes. You will be able to complete the majority of these components on your own schedule – budget approximately 17 hours/week for your course work.

What if I miss a lecture or discussion? Can I complete the training on my own schedule?

The majority of this training can be done on your own schedule – all workshops, lectures, and group discussions will be recorded. So, even if you can’t tune in live – you will still have unlimited access to content. This training also incorporates weekly practice teaching and group work – you will have the freedom to set up these virtual group work sessions with your partners to what best suits your schedule.

Do I get to teach at SAANA After this training?

Level 1 is the first step towards your teaching journey. Combined, Levels 1&2 account for a traditional 200-hour YTT. Once you have completed levels 1 & 2,  you will be able to set up an audition class with your home studio. Completing your training does not automatically guarantee you a teaching spot at your studio.

I don’t want to teach yoga – but I’m really interested in learning more about my practice. Can I take this course?

Yes! The information and experience gained from this training is a great opportunity to expand your own knowledge and deepen your practice!

How often will this online training run

The level 1 online training will be offered twice a year – dates for level 1 spring 2020 have been set. Stay tuned for future session dates.

How does the SÅANA method online line up with your in-studio trainings?

The information you receive in our online trainings and blended trainings are the same. Each will equip you with the tools needed to sequence intelligently and creatively – and to teach and support your students effectively. Our online trainings are designed for those looking for the flexibility to design their studies around their own schedules (especially great if you’re not based in the GTA).

Once you have completed the Level 1 online training – you can choose to complete Level 2 online (dates TBD), or join the second half of the blended foundations training to complete your first 200 hours. The choice is yours.  

Whatever path you choose for your learning, the SÅANA method will develop your practice in community, establish confidence as teacher, and foster connections between ideas to tap into your uniquely creative energy. 

Please note that all training payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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