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You have something to teach that no one else can offer. The SÅANA Method Foundation is a teacher training designed to give you a deep understanding of our signature approach to yoga and the collective wisdom of yogic tradition to help you actualize your full potential as a movement teacher and practitioner.

Our teachers all bring their own experience and spirit to the class, but we stay rooted to our principles. This commitment to our core beliefs and equal commitment to ourselves is what we hope to spark in you.
Once you complete this course, you will be qualified to teach yoga in your own authentic and unique way.



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Teacher Training Format:

The SÅANA method foundations training is designed so that you can:

  • Foster connections between information, ideas, and each other
  • Cultivate a community of practice
  • Build confidence as an instructor, and
  • Tap into your unique creative energy

SÅANA Foundations covers level 1&2 of the complete SÅANA method. The foundations training is a blended training, consisting of in-studio workshops and learning and online self-guided study.

This means that course work will be offered as a blend of in-studio teaching and hands-on practice, with at-home reflection and online resource exploration & discussion. Make sure to budget approx. 6 hours of self study every week between August 29 – December 6.

Why we chose a blended training:

The blended nature of this training is designed to integrate your in-studio teaching, group discussions and hands-on practice, with at-home reflection and online resource exploration in order to highlight connections between course material and real-world experience. 

The in-studio and self-guided ‘at-home’ format allows for more student choice and opportunities to self-pace online learning. It’s our belief that this freedom and encouragement towards self inquiry keeps students engaged with their training when we gather as a group in studio – and in their personal self-guided study from home. 

The SÅANA Foundations training covers Level 1&2 of the complete SÅANA Method

When. yousign up for SÅANA foundations blended training, you receive:

  • 200-hours of guided training and real time feedback on technqiue, approach, tone & language from senior SÅANA teaching faculty
  • In-person instruction, led by senior SÅANA faculty – through course workshops, discussions, and practice teaching
  • Access to online student portal for interactice discussion, resource sharing, and student collaboration
  • Introduction to SÅANA classic & SÅANA flow class formats and teaching techniques
  • Detailed breakdown of poses, sequencing, and rhythm
  • Unlimted access to SÅANA studio classes throughout training dates (August 29 – Dcember 6, 2020) 

A note on COVID-19:

We cannot know for sure how our studio trainings will be affected due to COVID-19. However, due to the already blended nature of the SÅANA method trainings, we are uniquely positioned in our ability to shift elements of our training online – and to facilitate a meaningful online learning experience for our students.

Depending on how long social-distancing measures are implemented – if necessary, we are ready to shift elements of our training online by hosting virtual workshops – group discussions – and practice teaching. Elements of our course curriculum that we believe are best offered in-person  will be scheduled at the end of our training period at a time when we can come together in-studio.

While we cannot make definitive plans in this time of uncertainty – online or in person – our commitment to our teacher trainees remains as strong as ever.

Teacher training includes:

  • 200-hours of guided training real time feedback on technique, approach, tone & language from senior SÅANA teaching faculty
  • introduction to SÅANA classic & SÅANA flow class formats and teaching technique
  • detailed break down of poses, sequencing, and rhythm
  • instruction and practice of in-class hands on adjustments & assists
  • access to online student portal for interactive discussion, resource sharing, and student collaboration
  • unlimited access to SÅANA studio classes throughout training dates (Aug. 29 – Dec. 6, 2020)

Dates and Time:

200hr will begin with a 9-day intensive at the end of August 2020 and continue with 6 selected weekends throughout the fall/winter 2020.

Next Session Dates: August 29 – December 6, 2020

Intensive Week: August 29 – September 6, 2020  | 9:00am – 5:00pm

In-Studio Weekend Dates*:  September 19 – 20; October 3 – 4; October 17 – 18; October 31 – November 1; November 14 – 15; December 5 – 6

Saturday 8am – 4pm & Sunday 8:00am – 2:00pm (In-studio)

*weekends in between in-studio dates are online learning weekends. Please account for approx. 5 hours of self study for each weekend (in-studio & online) throughout training.


After 15 years, we are still awash in gratitude for yoga and how it has changed our lives. We believe in the powerful methodology that has been honed at SÅANA. We all have our own stories and we tell ours in the studio: with our words, our tone, our movement and our breath. We can’t wait to hear your story and help you tell it with grace.



Regular Price


Early Bird closed on April 25, 2020


Non-Refundable Deposit

All payments due 30 days prior to start date.
All training payments are non-refundable


To graduate you must attend all training days and pass the final exam.
Graduating does not automatically guarantee you a teaching position at SÅANA.

Apply For SÅANA
Method Foundations 2020

Want More Information?

I think this was an amazing training that allows people to achieve their goals while also taking care of their families, going to work, etc. I would recommend this training to learn from all the amazing teachers, and for the opportunity to be able to build a network of yogis that live right in your city. 

2019 YTT graduate

Even if teaching is not your goal, you’ll learn so much about yourself – that, in itself is worth it. 

2019 YTT graduate

It was fabulous! Life changing, in fact. SÅANA was able to provide an atmosphere where we felt comfortable and supported in our learning. I felt as though each and every teacher wanted to genuinely help us become the best yoga teacher that we can be. 

2019 YTT graudate

I feel more confident in my ability to teach!

2019 YTT graduate




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