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About the SÅANA method


The SÅANA Method provides a space to learn and unlearn how yoga can transform lives. Designed to give you a deep understanding of our signature approach to yoga and the collective wisdom of the yogic tradition, the SÅANA method will help you actualize your full potential as a teacher and practitioner of movement.

Our focus is on intelligent sequencing, creativity, and transferable skills – resulting in teacher graduates empowered to find their unique voice and teach anywhere in the world.

SÅANA teachers are led by the combination of freedombringing their own unique experiences and spirit to class –and foundation, grounding in SÅANA’s guiding principles. The result is a creatively driven, well-roundedand balanced approach to movement. It’s this balance of creativity & intelligent choices which sets our teachers apart. 

The SÅANA method trainings are designed for students who wish to:  

  • Foster connections between information, ideas, and each other 
  • Cultivate a community of practice 
  • Build confidence as an instructor, and 
  • Tap into their unique creative energy 

The SÅANA method offers a balanced curriculum led by faculty, each experts in their fields of study, to cover:

  • The history & philosophy of the practice of Yoga,
  • A thorough investigation into anatomy and the movement & postures of the practice
  • The business of teaching, be it in-studio or online, so that graduates are equipped to harness their new skills to a career in movement. 

Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice, begin your teaching journey, or develop & refresh your teaching toolkit, there is a SÅANA method program for you.

What sets the SÅANA method apart from other Yoga Teacher Trainings?

Intelligent Sequencing: 

We teach sequencing from the ground up, beginning with a strong understanding of the joints, the shapes inside poses, and the ‘how’ of preparing the body for movements. In our trainings we take the time  to break down postures and themes to understand what we are working towards – and create an intelligent sequence from that point of understanding. Nothing is included ‘just because it feels good’. Because SÅANA method trainees are encouraged to assess movements in an intelligent & methodical, yet rhythmic & meditative way, everything in class always has a place and a reason.  It’s how we run our classes & our teacher trainings. 

Transferable Skills: 

The SÅANA method guides new teachers to find confidence in their unique voices as teachers, develop an understanding for the body in movement and how to sequence for students of all levels, introduces foundational class structures, and challenges students to build off those structures to explore their own sequencing styles.  SÅANA method trainings prepare students with the skills & confidence  to teach vinyasa style yoga anywhere. 

Creatively Driven: 

We know that no two teachers are the same – and that’s exactly how it should be! The SÅANA method provides the tools & practice that establish a strong foundation for all our teachers. Once the foundation is set, we encourage students to get curious and explore movement modalities and philosophies, and weave these elements into the sequences and language, to develop their own unique style. We believe that you have something to teach that no one else can offer. Through the SÅANA method offerings, you will be qualified to teach yoga in your own authentic and unique way. 

Why you should choose SÅANA


  • We infuse our training with strategies to help new teachers cultivate their own unique voice.
  • We encourage curiosity and explore ideas from all sides, rather than giving definitive rights or wrongs.
  • We find rhythm & grace in teaching systematic & intelligent classes. We teach the how’s and why’s of sequencing and equip our graduates with the confidence to teach anywhere in the world.
  • We dive deep in personal reflection & professional growth, so that  new teachers can show up in their own unique way

Our Trainings:

SÅANA blended foundations

A 200-hr yoga teacher training.

Offered in a blended format consisting of in-studio workshops & practice, paired with online self-guided study & reflection – our foundations program is designed to highlight connections between course material and real-world experience.

Curriculun content matches that offered in SÅANA online foundations. 

This training is for students looking to start their teaching journey – or simply to develop a deeper understanding of their own practice. 
No previous training or teaching experience required. 

SÅANA online foundations

An online 200-hr yoga teacher training.

SÅANA method online -foundations is designed for those looking for the flexibility to design their studies around their own schedules. SÅANA online creates an integrated online-studio, accessible at any time for our students.  

Curriculum content matches that offered in SÅANA blended foundations 

This training is for students looking to start their teaching journey – or simply to develop a deeper understanding of their own practice. No previous training or teaching experience required. 

SÅANA advanced

A 75-hour yoga teacher training

SÅANA method advanced breaks the mold of traditional teacher trainings – and encourages the playful exploration of movements from all variety of modalities and disciplines. Perfect for the teacher looking to refresh their skills, gain new insight into their teaching perspective & voice, and who want to explore – with freedom – unique sequencing to offer classes led by curiosity, interest, and creativity. 

This training is designed for those who with a 200-hr YTT certification, and who have previous teaching experience.  

hear from our graduates

Avg. rated 5/5 stars by SÅANA method graduates in 2019 & 2020 trainings

100% of  graduates would reccommend SÅANA method trainings to a friend!

I am impressed with how much information we were able to cover and how supportive each of the instructors were. Many of them shared additional resources and ways to be in contact with them for further questions. I felt very safe to be myself and to express my creativity. SÅANA is a very inclusive environment.

-2020 SÅANA online graduate

Even if teaching is not your goal, you’ll learn so much about yourself – that, in itself is worth it.

- 2019 SÅANA foundations graduate

It was fabulous! Life changing, in fact. SÅANA was able to provide an atmosphere where we (as the students), felt comfortable and supported in our learning. I felt as though each and every teacher wanted to genuinely help us become the best yoga teacher that we can be.

- 2019 SÅANA foundations gradudate

I found the SAANA method online training to be comprehensive and flexible. It offered a great foundation for yoga teacher training in all aspects – philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, teaching – and I feel confident in my ability to teach after this training!

- 2020 SÅANA online graduate

Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t want to teach yoga – but I’m really interested in learning more about my practice. Can I still take SÅANA method trainings?

Yes! The information and experience gained from SÅANA method programs is a great opportunity to expand your own knowledge and deepen your practice!

Can I start teaching after training?

To teach at any studio you require a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. This certifaction is given upon the completeion of SÅANA foundations or SÅANA Online Levels 1&2 trainings.

While the skills you develop in SÅANA method trainings will equip you with the ability to teach Vinyasa classes at any studio – graduation does not automatically guarantte you a teaching spot. 

Every studio has its own procedures for hiring new teachers. If you wish to teach at a SÅANA studio, you can schedule an audition class at your home studio when you feel ready. You will have the opportunity to teach community classes, and will be introduced to the main schedule dependent on class openings.

If you wish to teach at a different studio – we recommend reaching out to the studio owner of that space to see what their hiring requirements are.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are available for all SÅANA method trainings, up to 2 months prior to training start date.

Email [email protected] for details.

Do you offer scholarships for your training programs?

Yes, we offer scholarships for all SÅANA method training programs.

SÅANA reserves a minimum of one scholarship spot for students who identify as BIPOC/LGBTQIA for all training programs.
For details – and the scholarship application – email [email protected]

Are there pre-requisites for SÅANA method trainings?

It depends on which training you are interested in…

Foundations & Online Level 1 – there is no pre-requisite. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply. These trainings are designed for students looking to start their teaching journey – or simply to develop a deeper understanding of their own practice. No previous training or teaching experience required.

Online level 2 – Yes,  applicants must have either:

  • Completed (and graduated) from the SÅANA method online level 1 training. Or,
  • Graduated a previous 200-hr YTT program and who are looking to continue their movement education and develop their understanding of posture assessment and sequencing.

Advanced – Yes,  applicants must have either:

  • Completed (and graduated) from the SÅANA method foundations, or Online Levels 1&2. Or,
  • Graduated a previous 200-hr YTT program and who are looking to continue their movement education and develop their understanding of posture assessment and sequencing.
What is the refund policy?

All SÅANA teacher training program payments & deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Up to 14-days before training start date, in the case of an emergency (accompanying documentation required), a refund of 50% of the total training tuition, less the deposit, can be issued.  Or, students can take a full credit to be applied towards a future training.

For training inquiries contact [email protected]




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