Susan Gillis

Susan was drawn to yoga because of the benefits this form of movement offered, both mentally and physically. With a background in dance and gymnastics, and an interest in meditation and eastern philosophy, this form of mindful movement resonated deeply with her. After graduating university, she started volunteering at her local yoga studio where she developed a regular yoga practice. The cultivation of mindfulness, awareness of breath and intensity of the heat left her feeling life-changing benefits in her body and mind. The feeling of calm she felt after practicing, as well as the sense of community at the studio had her hooked.  Susan completed her 500 hour moksha yoga teacher training in Brazil in 2011 and has completed various further trainings with a focus on vinyasa ever since. Wanting a change from her home of Halifax, she moved to Toronto in 2013 and began teaching at SÅANA yoga soon after.  In 2018 she graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and plans to start her naturopathic practice in the wellness space at SÅANA yoga starting in January of 2019. Both in her naturopathic practice and yoga teaching, she fosters a nonjudgmental environment that connects people to their truest selves in order to facilitate healing – she believes that yoga is some of the best medicine out there.  From her classes you can expect a fun sweaty mix of movement, breath, effort and ease, set to some fun music.