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We believe in the power of yoga to positively transform yourself and your community. Our passionate teachers have created a carefully planned program to take your practice to the next level. Elevate your mind, body and spirit by experiencing yoga in beautiful and brand new surroundings.

yoga + surf


Nosara, Costa Rica
Dec 27 – Jan 2, 2020/21

A yoga + surf retreat in one of the worlds Blue Zones. Jackie will guide you through a mix of Vinyasa, Restorative. With delicious local organic food, a surf lesson and the most magical sunsets in the world.

rhythm & space #2 


Southern France
June 19 – 25, 2021 

Farm-to-table meals, Vinyasa in the sweet wind, this place is no accident. Together, we’ll explore how our feet can find their own meter and how our bodies can hold more breath, we think the answers are on this sacred spot.

rhythm and space #3


June 26 – July 3, 2021

The tide song and skyline have inspired a week of deep-diving into the rhythm and space of our bodies. Through Vinyasa, meditation and Pranayama, we will explore ourselves and our surroundings. 

feed your soul 2021


Nosara, Costa Rica
November 28 – Dec 4, 2021

Somewhere on the world-renowned surfing beach down the path from our chic resort home, or in the lush jungle and or during the masterfully choreographed yoga schedule is a brighter version of life.  



March 5 – March  12, 2022

Let this getaway transport you to your own personal paradise at the edge of the untouched volcanic black-sand beach of
El Paredon, Guatamala.


I thought I would take a moment to communicate my appreciation for Jackie’s nuanced and considerate pedagogical approach. Although I have been fortunate to study with master dance teachers for the past 15 years, some concepts have always been elusive. In a 6 short months Jackie has effortlessly transmitted knowledge about ease, breath and alignment that I have struggled with for years. This is no small feat. Thank you!

~ Toronto, Ontario

I was new to Yoga and I needed an escape from my life over NewYears. Jackie’s retreat not only gave me that escape, but unexpectedly it became the turning point in my life to a new happiness. I am grateful every single day that I decided to travel by myself to a place where I opened my heart and mind to a new way of living: spiritually, mentally, & physically. I love all of you Yogies- beginners to experts. You saved my life. Can not wait until Bali! 

~ Toronto, Ontario

Jackie is a gifted teacher whether in the yoga classroom or when she leads you through a cranio sacral treatment. Jackie’s knowledge, commitment, and calming presence allows you to relax and enter into a meditative and soothing experience which leaves you vibrant with energy.

~ Toronto, Ontario

I met Jackie at a Costa Rica yoga retreat she hosted and the experience was life changing. Not just due to the beautiful scenery or the amazing people I got to know but largely due to Jackie – her loveliness, openness, and ability to put you instantly at ease. She is a truly gifted teacher who simultaneously challenges you while also making you feel comfortable and secure. Her classes pushed me emotionally, mentally, and physically and that evolution continues to stay with me in my regular practice and daily life. Before the trip was over I was already planning my next retreat with her!

~ Toronto, Ontario

I had been doing yoga off and on for 10 years before my first class with Jackie. Never had I felt so comfortable, cared for and encouraged in a class and it changed my practice forever. I went from practicing a few times a year to incorporating yoga and breath work into everyday of my life because of Jackie and her class. I even went on my first yoga retreat last year and was not surprised to find myself in the middle of a community pulled together from all over the world filled with people who’s lives had all been positively affected by her process, her personality and her work.

~ Toronto, Ontario

Jackie has an intuitive CranioSacral practice; as a bodyworker myself I am blown away by her sense of what is going on in my body. I feel results after every treatment. Jackie’s sessions are deep work, healing work and I would highly recommend you let her get her hands on you!

~ Toronto, Ontario

Jackie’s skill as a healer seems instinctive, which is not at all surprising given her compassionate, loving nature.  Her gentle touch is sensitive, intuitive and caring.  With great insight, she manages to hone in on energy blockages, then skillfully clears them, restoring a sense of inner peace and tranquility.  Jackie’s Cranio-Sacral treatments are therapeutic and healing.

~ Toronto, Ontario

Jackie possesses a consciousness and awareness far beyond her years, making her a “natural” for guiding yoga.  The practices she guides are organic, free flowing and always original.  At times, she is so in tune with what is going on in my body that I could swear she inhabited it with me.

~ Toronto, Ontario




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