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Registration Philosophy

Online pre registration is highly recommended as it is the only way your spot in class is guaranteed.

You can pre register online one week before the day of the class until 30 minutes before the class begins. Simply use the login & password that you used to create your profile to pre register on the Mindbody App or on our website.

As long as you arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins, you are 100% guaranteed a spot if you pre register online. After the 10 minute mark, we may have to give your spot away to a student in studio on standby.

Even with an online registration, you must still check in with us at the desk before you go to the change room. We appreciate your patience and we promise not to start class without you!

Cancellation Policy

So! You’ve pre registered online for a class (woo!) but then life happened and now you can’t make it (boo!). Here’s what to do..

In order to ensure that everyone who wants to practice gets to, and to avoid pesky No Show charges, please cancel you reservation if you cannot make it to class.

Through our website:

  • Log into your account
  • Click ‘My Info’>’My Schedule’
  • On the right, click ‘Cancel’.. that’s it!

You can cancel your reservation with no penalty up to two hours before class starts, though we ask that you cancel as soon as you can, so your spot can be given to someone else.

If you cancel less than two hours before class, it is considered a Late Cancel, and your account will be charged for the class + a $10 fee. If you do not cancel at all, it is considered a No Show and your account will be charged for the class +a $15 fee.

Of course, we know that things are not always in your control, as we will always err on the side of generous, so if something comes up and you are unable to cancel, please let us know by simply emailing

We hope to never have to charge these fees, so please help by being accountable for your reservations.

*We do not take cancellations via email or over the phone.

Waitlist Policy

If online pre registration is full for a class,  you can put yourself on the waitlist in hopes of guaranteeing a spot.

If someone cancels their reservation, the first person on the waitlist will get bumped into class, and the second person on the waitlist moves into the new spot.

You will be notified via email if you get bumped from the waitlist to the class, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Emails are sent up to 30 minutes before class starts, so it’s a good idea to keep checking!