Tessa Bernier

Often called an ‘old soul’, Tessa teaches yoga with compassion, wisdom and grace. Her classes are challenging yet allowing, structured yet spacious, and evolved with progressive advancements in yoga pedagogy today. Tessa’s classes are a place where yogis can be inspired, feel at home, and evolve into their best selves. Tessa is the manager at SÅANA Yoga, which doesn’t come without dedication, hard work, and a deep love for the practice of yoga. She also successfully opened, built, and after 4 years, sold her Modo Yoga Studio in Kingston Ontario. Her passion to teach yoga is complimented by years of work in therapeutic roles which lends itself to her natural tendency to be so grounded. She will guide you with a soft but powerful voice, a supportive presence and wise words.

Areas of Expertise: Hands on Assists, Working with Blocks & Straps, The Business of Yoga