Marisa Wardinger

Searching for a more meaningful and compassionate form of fitness, Marisa discovered yoga in her university days- and its impact is evergrowing.After several years of practice, Marisa became a certified Moksha Yoga instructor in the summer of 2004, and has been teaching- and loving it- ever since. She has studied prenatal yoga with Janice Clairfield, and completed the Moksha level 2 and Yin Yoga teacher training with Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson in 2008.

Marisa believes that if you are open, the benefits of yoga are endless. And when you find the class, the studio, the teacher that’s right for you, it can truly be your ticket to finding the balance in life that we’re all searching for- whether we’re aware of it or not. She is forever grateful to the many wise teachers she has learned from for literally putting her life on a more peaceful and meaningful path. Like life, the yoga journey is filled with challenges and gifts. Marisa encourages her students to savour that journey- on AND off the mat- one deep breath at a time.