Darcy Hagerman

Darcy began her yoga journey with an interest in meditation. After attending several Vipassana meditation retreats, Darcy was soon introduced to Ashtanga yoga. Captivated and inspired by the idea of awareness through movement, she was hooked.

Two years later she stumbled upon her first hot and sweaty yoga class and knew she had found her thing, it just felt so good! It was clear that she needed to credit yoga with the tremendous life transformations that she had experienced, and so began her journey as a yoga teacher. She has since completed Moksha yoga’s teacher training, Judith Lasater’s Restorative yoga teacher training, and Baron Baptiste’s power yoga teacher training. She is honoured to have had the opportunity to sit with many great teachers including, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Rodney Yee, Rolph Gates, and Paul Grilley. She is motivated by the idea that awareness creates choice and that choice creates change.