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saana classic

A grounding series of postures to balance the body and the spirit.

saana flow

A vigorous, flowing sequence to explore rhythm + breath. Wake up to the possibilities of your own body!

saana flow 2

A vigorous, flowing sequence to explore rhythm + breath. Working towards more advanced poses and/or themes.

saana inspire

A creative flowing sequence created by our senior teachers. Each class is carefully designed with intelligent sequencing. Get inspired and be an inspiration!

saana core

A core-focused flow to gain stability + strength. This is what happens when a vinyasa teacher + a pilates teacher jam.

saana still

A monthly meditation circle.

saana restore

A gentle series of postures to slow the spirit and cradle the body with gentle stretches.

saana yin

A series of postures that are held for an extended time to increase depth of stretch.

saana pilates

A series of static and active exercises that focus on core strengthening as the key to better posture and fitness.