SÅANA Challenges

We all want to feel good about ourselves and choices in our search for healthy growth.
Our SÅANA challenges are opportunities for self-exploration and provide a space for your curiosity to roam free.

With OnDemand classes easily practiced on our app, phone, or computer  – now is the time to discover new forms of movement, tap into strength, and revel in the power of breath & stillness.
Through our series of challenges, our goal is nothing less than the nourishment of the
body, mind, and spirit. 

SÅANA Challenges are now available OnDemand!
Pick your challenge below & start your journey the same day!

*Please note: OnDemand challenges must be purchased through the web links listed below. Challenges are not available for purchase through the mindbody online store. 

7-day Pilates strength & stability Challenge

 One week to access strength & develop stability.

This 7-day pilates challenge will focus on balance, posture, strength, and flexibility. You don’t need any special equipment for these pilates classes – any props can easily be replicated with household objects. Explore a new way to move with SÅANA with daily pilates classes delivered to your inbox.

      28-day SÅANA {at home} Challenge

      A powerful four weeks . A fresh start. A clean slate. A deep dive into you.

      28-days Vinyasa, Pilates, Meditation, Restorative, Yin, Breath Work – designed to explore the ways you block yourself, the ways you show up, and what propels you forward.
      Each week begins with a new theme & intention with curated OnDemand video classes to fit your schedule, delivered straight to your inbox.

        14-day Mindful Transitions Challenge

        14-days to recommit to the nourishing patterns of intentional movement. The Mindful Transitions challenge compiles resources to explore sustainable habits for body – mind- and heart. We’ve packed this challenge full of creative classes from a variety of SÅANA teachers, and compiled our favourite sources of inspiration so that – together – we can explore & develop nourishing habits to guide the next step forward.

        10-days of meditation with Parisa Samet

        Experience the remarkable effects of a consistent meditation practice.

        Over 10-days, join Parisa in an exploration of different breathing techniques, mudras, and EFTS (emotional freedom technique sequences). Discover these simple yet highly effective practices and their ability to balance the nervous system. 

        hear what students are saying…

        I liked the variety of classes.The thoughtful, journaling was helpful. Overall it helps me to feel connected to people to have this practice.  Thank you! 

        - SÅANA {at home} participant

        I loved the challenge and thank you for all the great prompts and resources. It certainly helped start off the year on a positive note!

        - Mindful Transitions participant

         I loved the daily check in, even when I didn’t do the meditation practice….just seeing Parisa, reading the Mantra and pausing as I went through my daily mail…..it was so grounding and helpful.

        - Meditation with Parisa participant

        A sincere 10/10. I’m so glad I did it. 

        - SÅANA {at home} participant

        I was extremely impressed with the challenge as it offered lots of variety for everyone. It was great to have on-demand choices. All in all, really well done! Thank you. 

        - Mindful Transitions participant

         I was always happy to wake up and check what was on the agenda for the day. It was perfectly curated! Practices were of every length and I learned how even a shorter one can really make a difference.  I truly never felt anything was smissing– to the opposite I found that there was way more than expected.  

        - SÅANA {at home} participant

        SÅANA challenge FAQ:

        How do the OnDemand challenges work?

        The OnDemand challenges are a great way to customize your practice exploration – and build in your practice around your schedule.

        Simply pick the challenge you want to participate in – follow the activation steps in the confirmation message after payment. From there, you can start your challenge right away!

        Can I buy OnDemand challenges in my Mindbody Account?

        No – challenges cannot be purchased through your Mindbody account. OnDemand challenges MUST be purchased through the SÅANA website (www.saanayoga.com/challenges)

        When do OnDemand challenge emails arrive in my inbox?

        Your day-1 challenge email will arrive in your inbox shortly after purchase (approx. 30minutes)

        Your Day -2 email will arrive 24 hours later. Subsequent daily challenge emails will arrive at the same time every day.

        So, if you purchased your challenge at 1pm, your challenge emails will arrive in your inbox every day at 1pm.

        What is included in the cost of a SÅANA challenge pass?

        Your SÅANA challenge pass includes:

        • Daily challenge emails arriving in your inbox first thing each morning. Emails will include: Class links, Journal Prompts for self-reflection, and daily sources of inspiration to keep you open &curious.
        • First access to challenge classes throughout challenge dates
        • Unlimited access to SÅANA Online throughout challenge dates – an extensive library of online movement and meditations classes for you to access whenever and wherever your schedule allows
        How do I access challenge classes?

        Your challenge class links will be included in your daily challenge email, sent each morning.

        You can also access challenge classes by logging into your SÅANA online account. 

        You must have an active challenge pass, or studio membership to access classes.

        I can't access my account - who do I contact for help?

        If you are having issues accessing your SÅANA online account. Please email your home studio for assistance.

        I'm not getting the daily challenge emails

        If you aren’t receiving the daily challenge emails:

        1. Make sure your email address is accurate in your SÅANA online account.
        2. Check your junk/spam folder of your email account.
        3. Make sure you’ve given us permission to contact you.
          If you’ve recently unsubscribed from our mailing list – but have also signed up for a challenge, you will receive an email from Constant Contact requesting permission for us to contact you via. email. Grant permission. Please note: this will only place you on the mailing list for the challenge you signed up for – you will not be resubscribed to our newsletter list.
        Can SÅANA member's access the OnDemand challenges as part of their membership package?

        Yes! SÅANA members get unlimited access to SÅANA Challenges. If you’re a member and would like to join an OnDemand challenge, email [email protected] and we can set you up!

        Get unlimited access to SÅANA challenges with a SÅANA online pass or membership.

        Looking for more ways to practice with SÅANA?

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