SÅANA Yoga is grounded in the philosophy of being in a constant state of becoming by expanding our minds, bodies and spirits. The word SÅANA means “to be true” and “to heal”. This is the vision SÅANA is seeking: to offer a space for healthy growth—to see and experience life differently at every moment and to be your most authentic self.

we believe

Health Growth

healthy growth

We understand that the world is changing, and you with it. Our goal is to help you advance into the next phase of life – with a strong body, mind and spirit. We’re grateful for what we have and are honored that we have the opportunity for growth at every moment. We are always in a state of becoming.

Conscious Community

conscious community

Everyone needs a supportive community, and we’re here to offer that to you. From the moment you walk in the door, we want our studio to feel like a second home. People matter to us – their lives and their stories – so we conduct ourselves, and our business, with a deep respect for everyone we interact with.

Environmental Intelligence

environmental intelligence

We understand the power of nature to regenerate the soul. We connect to nature to tap into both stillness and creativity. We live through unwavering respect for the power nature has and we do our best to take care of our planet and engage in sustainable practices in our studios.

your SÅANA yoga experience

Every class is different and accessible for students of all levels. Each teacher provides a creatively driven, well-rounded and balanced approach, encouraging rest whenever you need it.

To be true

Our practice is not just a physical exercise. It is a journey into the self, an awareness of the connection between mind and body, and a way to embrace stillness and be conscious of the changing world around us.

SÅANA Yoga Class in Studio

To heal

We seek to challenge, but not strain, with an awareness of our mind and all of the sensations that are present. We approach our practice in a holistic manner, recognizing that a strong mind will help balance the body and spirit, enhancing natural healing processes.

Did you know that being flexible is not a prerequisite to doing yoga?

SÅANA focuses on body, mind, and soul, giving you the best experience regardless of your ability to touch your toes.


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